giovedì 23 maggio 2013

L'unicorno di Giovanni (21 agosto AD 94)

Diagrammi relativi alla congiunzione Giove-Saturno singola
del 21 agosto AD 94, nella costellazione del Leone
(curva blu: distanza angolare visiva tra i due pianeti, in modulo)
".. e questo è lo spirito dell'anticristo, che udiste che viene e ora è nel mondo di già."

1Gv 4, 3
[da: G.L.Potestà-M.Rizzi,L'Anticristo, vol. I, 2005]

giovedì 16 maggio 2013

The astronomical interpretation of 2Thessalonians 2: 1-12 (Katechon, Antichrist)

The Second Letter or Epistle of Paul to the Thessalonians, often referred as Second Thessalonians, is a book of the New Testament written in Corinth and commonly dated between 51-54 A.D. In the second chapter of this Letter, Paul the Apostle or someone of his disciples is explaining to the Christians in Thessalonika (today Salonica, northern Greece) what will necessarily occur before the Parousia, i.e. the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. As said in the wiki-page devoted to the katechon "Christians must not behave as if the Day of the Lord would happen tomorrow, since the Son of Perdition (the Antichrist of 1 and 2John) must be revealed before. Paul then adds that the revelation of the Antichrist is conditional upon the removal of 'something/someone that restrains it/him' and prevents it/him being fully manifested. Verse 6 uses the neuter gender to katechon; and verse 7 the masculine, o katechon."

Due to the ambiguity of these expressions, many and very different interpretations of this restraining force or power - the katechon - that delays the advent of the Antichrist have beeen proposed during the last 1960 years by dozens of  exegetes, commentators and philosophers. Among others: Roman emperors, the Roman Empire, the Holy Spirit, the Third Person of the Trinity, the Catholic Church, the Papacy, .. ... During the XX century great importance and consideration has been given to this katechontic "restrainer" by the German political thinker Carl Schmitt, who said "One [historian] must be able to name the katechon for every epoch of the last 1948 years. The place has never been empty, or else we would no longer exist." Recently here in Italy the Venetian philosopher Massimo Cacciari wrote a book - "Il potere che frena" ("The restraining power") - on the katechon, seen a la Schmitt in a context of theological-political considerations.

The meditations I made on the matter, within the framework of the new hermeneutics I'm proposing with my book and in this blog, brought me to the conclusions that in 2 Thess 2:1-12 Paul of Tarsus or someone of his disciples is explaining to the Thessalonian Christians that the next Jupiter-Saturn conjunction will be a single J-S conjunction (exactly as it really was on March 26, AD 54) and at the same time why it is being late. As can be seen in the underlying diagramm, when a single J-S conjunction like that of AD 54 is going to happen, for almost one year before the event Jupiter remains on the right of Saturn (lower longitude) as if something or someone restrains it to catch up and to pass Saturn. Only after a 5° oscillation (10° to about 15°, see red curve ) the visual angular distance between the two planets goes down towards zero and  the conjunction endly happens. And now, who or what was restraining the conjunction to occur? The answer is very simple to find observing that for many months before the event the two planets are _in retrograde motion_. This means that the Earth, our planet, in its rotation around the Sun is overcoming both planet-lines: Saturn-Sun and Jupiter-Sun.

 Saturn- and Jupiter-longitude in the year preceding the single J-S conjunction
of 54 AD,  March 26 (constellation of Fishes) and soon after.
The red curve indicates the visual angular distance
in modulus between the two planets (values on the right)

In other words the Earth is in the middle, between the planets and the Sun, and only when it will have rotated _out of this middle position_ to the opposite part of its orbit the single J-S conjunction will occur.

So, in the context of the new hermeneutics (l'ermeneutica di Giuseppe or Joseph's planetary hermeneutics) we have reached two important, fundamental conclusions:

I)   the KATECHON of 2 THESS 2, 6-7 is our planet, the EARTH;

My poster on Unicorn as allegoric image of
single Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions
(presented in Liverpool, March 2008)

II)   the MAN OF SIN of 2 Thessalonians or the  ANTICHRIST of the Johannine epistles
is nothing else that the fourfold planetary disposition
(see the Liverpool-Berlin poster 2008-2009 here on the right).

This is enough for today, so I close here. Meditate, people !!