giovedì 18 luglio 2013

To my new readers and Facebook-friends

Notwithstanding that the majority of the 266 articles of this blog - all dealing with the proposal of a NEW ASTRONOMICALLY-BASED HERMENEUTICAL PARADIGM - is written in Italian language, a lot of them are written in English and some citations/quotations in German too. Besides there are some diagrams which should be easy to read/understand for those having even a bit of technical/scientifical knowledge. To get the most by your visit to this blog you can select/click in the long list of labels/etichette (you find on the right side of your monitor by scrolling the page) those of your interest: in this way you obtain among the ca. 260 stored articles only those labeled with the chosen item. Should you have understanding-difficulties or questions you can reach me to the email-address giuseppedotdecatliberodotit or with a message on fb.

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