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Intertwinement between JOHN-PAUL-II's HISTORY and BEYNG-HISTORY

The J-S-triple-conjunction which happened in 1980-1981
in the Virgo-constellation. 
The red vertical line indicates the date
May 13th, 1981, when Alì Agca shot in s.Peter Square 
When on May 13th, 1981, the young Turk Mehmet Alì Agca shot the pope John Paul II there was a very particular astroNomical situation, a very seldom one.

In those days the two planets Jupiter and Saturn, which in my opinion are the throbbing heart of the heideggerian Seinsgeschichte or Being-history, were performing a sosaid TRIPLE CONJUNCTION in the zodiacal constellation of Virgo , i.e. a rare astroNomical phenomenon during which the two planets - seen from here, from the Earth - align three times in a time interval of six-seven months. Both planets were almost at the end of their apparent retrograde motion and Jupiter had passed to the right of his 'father' Saturn on March 4th, 1981, where it was going now to sit down, for some days.

To understand the rarity of the phenomenon one must consider that JUPITER AND SATURN will give place to a similar event only in 258 years (13th J-S conjunction after that of 1981), in the second part of year 2238 (Sept. 8th) and at beginning of year 2239 (Jan.13th, March 23rd), in the constellation of Gemini (see graphics behind blog title).

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