martedì 15 novembre 2016

HOW TO GET the MOST and the BEST from your visit to THIS BLOG

The apparent retrograde motion
of an external planet (Mars, Jupiter,
Saturn, ..) as seen from the Earth
in position 1, 2, 3, .. ...
To get the most and the best from your visit to this blog containing more than 360 articles having to do with history, philosophy, religion, ... scroll please this main page down until you find - on the right side of the screen - the writing, the notice: Etichette, i.e. Labels.

Clicking now on one of these labels, for instance Hoelderlin (23) , you get displayed on the screen all the articles having that label as keyword, in the example the 23 articles I wrote on Hoelderlin, his poetry, his influence on Heidegger, .. ... The same will obviously happen if you click on Geviert (16), Paolo di Tarso (12) and so on.

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