domenica 4 ottobre 2015

NIETZSCHE und die LYRIK - Internationaler Kongress in Naumburg - 15-18.10.2015

So gennanter Nietzsches Stein am Silva- 
planersee (Engadin, CH). Hier - 1881
Grundkonzeption des Zarathustra

 The following is the Abstract I sent to the organization committee on 30.05.2015 for the lecture I wanted to present at the Congress "Nietzsche und die Lyrik", which will take place in Naumburg (Germany) from 15 up to 18.10.2015.

Its title is/was:
Time and Eternity in Nietzsche's poems: 
Rimus remedium, Sils-Maria, 
Ruhm und Ewigkeit 3-4

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