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Writings and images on the new hermeneutics

The book containing the fundamental ideas which in the recent years gave origin to the new historical and philosophical herme-
neutical paradigm (the one I called "l'ermeneutica di Giuseppe", i.e. "Joseph's hermeneutics") was conceived about ten years ago and has the title
Congiunzioni Giove-Saturno e storia giudaico-cristiana
Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions and judaic-christian history.

The manuscript was given to the Italian Copyright Office, S.I.A.E. Rome, and a copy sent to the U.S. Copyright Office (Library of Congress) on July 26th, 2000, and the book was self-produced (after more than 1 year of unuseful attempts with various publi-
shers) in December 2001.
Unfortunately the Book found enormous difficulties both in the distribution and in the selling and that was the reason why I opened a web site (, closed now that this blog seems to work well: it is easier to handle!) and why I began to write in the Google-Groups.

With a search on the Web and in the Google-Groups you can now find the thousands of posts I wrote in the last eight years, from 2002 onwards, to let my basic ideas to be known and on the re-
markable results I was obtaining in my following studies (phoenix, unicorn, XX century history and philosophy,Seynsgeschichte, ..).
To obtain the most by these electronic searches I suggest the following key-words with Google:

"keybooks cesaris" to search in the Web,
"keybooks giuseppe" to search in the Google-Groups
(in italiano "Google --> altro --> Gruppi")

Important to understand the recent results of my studies are the so-said Liverpool posters (title: Phoenix or Unicorn? Multiple or Single Jupiter-Saturn conjunction? ), that is the two posters I was invited to exibit and to explain at the 2008 Annual Meeting of the U.K. Classical Association (Liverpool University, March 2008). They are abviously in English.

These posters should be now called Liverpool-Berlin posters, as I was invited in August 2009 to take part (perhaps the only non-academic scholar) to the quinquennial Congress of the International Federation of the Societies of Classical Studies (Federation Internationale des Associations d'Etudes Classiques, F.I.E.C.) at the Humboldt-Universitaet zu Berlin. Title of my speech, in which I demonstrated my thesis even better than before, was:
"Phoenix and Monokeros were allegories of Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions".
As I said, these posters are in English and you can easily download them from this blog.

For the Book (of which only some hundreds of copies - in Italian - are in circulation), I think it should be now the right time for an international publisher to call me as soon as possible ... Let him know, please!!

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