venerdì 31 gennaio 2014

CONNECTED WITH GOD, a panel of the 2014 NGG/EASR/IAHR Meeting in Groningen (NL)

The Abstract you can read here links is that I sent on Dec. 21th, 2013, to the organizers of the panel Connected with God: 'Spiritual Senses, Knowledge and Christianity of the NGG-EASR-IAHR Meeting, which will take place in Groningen in May 2014.

The proposed paper has not been accepted primarily because I missed the deadline of the 1st of December and they had already 9 papers filling 3 slots of 3 papers (as the panel organizers at first wrote to me on 01.01.2014), but also - as the Conference Director communicated to me on 17.01.2014 after an insistence of mine - because "The Board of the Dutch Association for the Study of Religion, together with the Conference Organization Commitee, has evaluated all proposals and assessed them with regard to scholarly quality, link to the conference theme, and diversity of approaches and regional backgrounds."

Maybe that I missed the deadline of Dec. 1st, 2013, anyway I think that the organizers of the panel Connected with Godthe Conference Organization Commitee and its Director have in this way lost the opportunity of speeding up the knowledge and the comprehension of our religious tradition.

That's why I'm now publishing here the Abstract sent to Groningen, to help all those who are really searching to understand, either in the universities or out of them.

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