lunedì 30 dicembre 2013

The relation between the so-said STAR OF BETHLEHEM and the Constantinian/Jesuitic symbol I.H.S.

La mia interpretazione del simbolo costantiniano IHS,
che - con l'aggiunta delle tre freccette sotto ed inserito
 in un sole raggiante  - è anche il logo della
Compagnia di Gesù, i Gesuiti

The three alignments of the triple Jupiter-Saturn conjunction, which took place in the constellation of Pisces in the year 7 bC and which is nowadays known as star of Bethlehem, happened - as anybody can verify (first picture here above)- in the following dates and with the following minimal visual angles between the two planets (in parenthesis the longitude of the alignments):  

- May 29th : 0° 59' 05"        (long.: 350° 56' 15")
- October 1st : 0° 58' 30"    (long.: 347° 24' 43")
- December 5th: 1° 3' 15"   (long.: 345° 32' 0")

The second picture here above illustrates my interpretation of the Constantinian and Jesuitic symbol I.H.S. with the three little arrows underneath: it is simply a synthetic way to represent the said physical phenomenon happened in the year 7 BCE between the two visible planets Jupiter and Saturn, in the constellation of Pisces.

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